How it works

To begin, our professional staff will conduct an on-site evaluation of your teeth. They will present to you the information you need to make this dental and financial decision. If you are a good candidate for Express Your Smile®, they will take photographs and digital images of your teeth. Your diagnostic records are reviewed, and a treatment plan is developed to gradually align your teeth using invisible aligners. Our team of orthodontic specialists has successfully treated thousands of patients using clear aligner therapy. 


latest technology


Express Your Smile® uses your photographs and digital impressions in conjunction with a sophisticated computer program to map out your current and future anticipated tooth positions. Each of the ten aligners accomplishes comfortable tooth movement in small increments so that when your series is completed, your teeth are in their projected final position.

smooth & comfortable

Our partner laboratory will send you a set of trial aligners to ensure your aligners will fit you precisely, and you are comfortable wearing the aligners and proceeding with the Express Your Smile® system. The aligners are BPA-free, smooth, and comfortable. Unlike metal braces, the aligners won't aggravate gums and cheeks.

With clear aligners, no one can tell you have them on, just that your smile is improving day after day.

 customized plan


After the trial period, our partner laboratory will send you your first five sets of upper and lower custom-made aligners to be worn for two weeks each. Before proceeding with the next set of five aligners, we will ask you for feedback regarding the comfort, fit and progress of your Express Your Smile® Aligners. You may need more aligners for further enhancement.

The aligners are mailed to you so you do not have to make office appointments. With each aligner, you will see the improvement of your smile. The aligners should be worn at least 21 hours per day, seven days a week. Since the aligners are removable, there is no impediment to brushing and flossing.

Giving You a More Perfect Smile

Express Your Smile®

Once you have completed using all of the aligners, and are pleased with the results, it is time to show off that smile and celebrate. In order to protect your new smile and keep your teeth aligned, Express Your Smile® will provide you with a set of retainers to hold your teeth in their final position, as well as a bleaching kit to brighten your pearly whites. 

Express Your Smile® costs only a fraction of traditional braces or other clear aligner treatments. We offer easy financing options and your treatment may be covered by orthodontic insurance. Orthodontic benefits may cover up to 50% of the treatment.