Straighten your teeth with the Express Your Smile® system

The Express Your Smile® system will give you that smile you've always wanted! Everyone wants a nicer smile.  As we get older, our teeth tend to crowd up and the overbite increases.  As a result, it becomes harder to keep our teeth clean and healthy.  

Want to show off your smile? Now you can.


The Express Your Smile®clear aligners are virtually invisible. No one will know you're straightening your teeth.

The Express Your Smile®aligners are custom-made for you with an ultra-thin plastic material that fits precisely on your teeth.

For the Express Your Smile®system to be effective, the aligners must be worn 20-22 hours per day. But, since they are removable, you can eat without restriction.

If you are a candidate for the Express Your Smile®system, the treatment takes approximately 6-9 months to complete. After you finish your aligners and are happy with your new smile, Express Your Smile®will send you retainers to hold your teeth in their final position, and a bleaching kit to brighten your pearly whites.

Express Your Smile®may be covered by orthodontic insurance and costs only a fraction of traditional braces or other aligner treatments. Express Your Smile offers easy financing options to make it easy for you to fit into your budget.


The new Express Your Smile® system.

Express Your Smile offers easy financing options to make it easy to fit into your budget.